Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Title: Fitting In

Director: Samuel Pinner


My film will be about a boy from Bromley who has just moved to his local school. He has had to move schools from his original school in Essex due to his dads business. He finds it difficult to fit in as this new school consists of so many different groups of people. As he is in the sixth form you would think it would be easy for him to make friends and fit in easily, but my film will show the challenges he has to take. The film will also show how for him it affects his life at home. The film will be based at Ravens Wood, and there will be scenes of his journey to school on the bus and scenes of him at home. It is based on a true story about a friend of mine.

Who are the target audience?

The target audience for my film is the younger generation. This is because it is based around school life. It is not aimed at people over the age of 18, as I believe that it would not have a lot of relevance for people over this age.

Which short films have you looked at to help you get ideas?

Time of your life:

http://www.britfilms.tv/short-films/short-film-channel/time-of-your-life I feel that this is my favourite short film that i looked at, it has given me ideas in my short film in ways to do with camera work. I want to produce some shots similar to this short film, but completely alter it and make it my own.

I think that the acting in this short film was not too great, so I aim to produce a film with better acting

What message do you hope the audience will understand from your film?

I hope that my audience will learn about how tough it is for a new student to join a new school. Hopefully it will teach the audience and give them facts that they can use. I want to be able to educate people of a young age group and help them when they go through the steps of moving schools.

Setting(s): My film will be filmed within the school grounds. This will be good as the facilities in the school are perfect for my film.

There will also be a scene in the playground, and the bus journey after school.

Cast: Blu Franics, Ben Dickerson, Lewis Tear

Crew: Myself

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