Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Story board

Shot sequence descriptions/ Storyboard

Samuel Pinner

Shot one: long shot

Visual: close up zoom of student walking out of front door

Sound: shutting of the door and footsteps

Effect: none

Music: none

Time: 7 seconds

Shot 2: contra zoom

Visual: boarding the bus from side

Sound: natural sound of surroundings and current event

Effect: none

Music: none

Time: 4-7 seconds

Shot 3: tilt

Visual: boarding bus from top deck (second person perspective)

Sound: natural

Effect: fade to black

Music: none

Time: 5 seconds

Shot 4: facial close ups (to show expressions)

Visual: bullying of the new kid takes part on first journey to school

Out and back during transition of interviewees.

Sound: Digetic, voice over of interviewees introducing themselves

Effect: none

Music: none

Time: 18 seconds

Shot 5: face on whilst walking shot

Visual: camera attached to body pointing at face whilst student walks into his classroom for the first time

Sound: none

Effect: none

Music: none

Time:30 seconds

Shot 6: wide angle shot

Visual: fitting in everything at lunch time, peer pressure. Show the emotions on the students face and hw he deals with it

to head.


Effect: heartbeat effect

Music: tension building, noises in his head

Time: 25 seconds

Shot 7: Mid-shot

Visual: class room, how he can not concentrate on what he thinks he has to do to fit in

Sound: natural

Effect: heartbeat


Time:10 seconds

Shot 8: Mid-shot

Visual: bell rings, journey home. Clip of him walking out of school with his fellow new friend. (a new boy)

Sound: natural

Effect: none

Music: none

Time: 12 seconds

Shot 9: Medium close up

Visual: on bus, other kids throw stuff a him, pick on him. His only friend doesn’t stand up for him

Sound: natural

Effect: none

Music: none

Time: 35 seconds

Shot 10: Medium close up

Visual: as student gets home – he cries to his mum and says how much he hates school

Music: none

Effect: none

Sound: natural

Time: 30 seconds

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